Client Testimonials

Kate and I wanted to say thank you for your thorough evaluation of our home. We were able to implement the insulating and heating recommendations you made and what a difference. We figure on recouping our investment in the next five years. The natural gas boiler is phenomenal. No more calling the oil company and no more oil tanks. The cellulose insulation is equally impressive. We no longer need space heaters and layers of blankets on our beds. Being that the home was built in 1941 and has plaster walls, we thought we were stuck without options. Again your recommendation to insulate the rim joists and spray foam the attic worked great. Not real messy either. We also replaced the basement door that you showed was a major source of energy loss with an insulated steel door. Looks a lot nicer. The house is now airtight, warm and a lot quieter.
Feel free to use us as a referral.

Scott & Kate M.
Martinsburg, WV

I want to take a minute and thank Randy Swartz and his company, Home Efficiency Solutions LLC, for a very thorough home energy audit.  Randy's expertise located hidden energy-wasting leaks in our 4 year old home that I never would have guessed existed.  He also performed a test on our duct system that revealed a huge hidden problem dating back to the construction of the home.  His findings pinpointed leaks that, when combined, were the equivalent of having a window open year round. We have a geothermal heating and cooling system that performs very well and keeps costs down.  After we make the long list of recommended repairs, I can only imagine how much more we can save. The final inspection report is very detailed and very comprehensive. 
For the amount of inspection involved, Randy’s service is very reasonably priced.  We will save the cost of the audit in the first year after the repairs are made.  This service is simply money well spent. 
Once again Randy, thanks again for a very professional and detailed inspection. Please feel free to use us as a reference to any new customers.
Marc W.
Shepherdstown, WV

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Randy Swartz and Home Efficiency Solutions for the outstanding energy audit he conducted on my home. Our house was built in 1964 and lacked some modern day energy efficient qualities. Thanks to Randy's excellent knowledge on this matter, he quickly established the best solutions for us to save money. If it wasn't for the extensive testing conducted by Randy, our energy bills would still be through the roof. He offered us a wide range of fixes spanning from simply swapping out light bulbs to more extensive options dealing with proper insulation. After his report was delivered to us, Randy checked in to make sure that we had a full understanding of the audit and was very eager to clarify anything we had questions on. The savings on our energy bills has already paid for the energy audit and we anticipate continued savings throughout the rest of the year. Thanks again Randy.
Conor O.
Martinsburg, WV

I contacted Randy after having a horrible winter of high heating bills the first winter in our new house. He spent about six hours at my house doing the energy audit with the blower door test and a test of my duct work. I followed him as he worked and he pointed out a lot of problems as he saw them and suggested ways in which I could fix them. As we walked around and found more problems he assured me that all these problems and solutions would be detailed in the report he would provide later. The report he provided was excellent. Its based upon a HERS rating index and gives step by step solutions for each problem identified to get your home efficient. The report shows how much each fix will decrease the HERS index and how much you’ll save each year for each fix. Some of the solutions are easy to accomplish and can be done on a weekend with a little effort while others are more serious and expensive (at least in the case of my house). Most impressive to me is that, on several occasions since receiving the report, I’ve had questions regarding the report, solutions or just advice. Randy has always called me back promptly (even on a Sunday!) and always encourages me to call him anytime I have a question. He really is only concerned with your satisfaction and getting your home to where you are comfortable with it. He has offered to come back after I get all my fixes in place to test again for a greatly reduced price.  
Randy does not do the fixes himself and considers this a breach of good business and I agree with him on that. However, he does offer contacts for other contractors who will do the work for you and I’ve contacted one and so far he seems like an honest, hard working guy.   I would recommend an energy audit to anyone with high heating bills or ESPECIALLY for those thinking of buying a house. I would have seriously reconsidered buying the home I’m in had I done this audit prior to signing on the dotted line. 

Aaron R.
Shenandoah Junction, WV

My wife Heidi and I recently moved into our house and were suprised at how expensive heating it seemed to be.  We spoke to friends of ours who recommended getting a Home Energy Audit.  I found Randy's website and was interested to learn more about having an audit done.  I contacted Randy and was immediately impressed.  He answered several questions over the phone and I didn't feel pressured to pay for his services.  We set an appointment for 2 weeks later.  Randy was timely and I felt very comfortable having him explore inside and outside my home.  He spent what seemed like forever just examining the outside of the house.  Then he brought out the equipment!  Watching the effect of the blower door test was amazing!  While running the test, Randy showed us that there was so much air leaking through the basement that we couldn't push the door shut! Throughout his time at our house, Randy frequently showed me what improvements needed done to help improve our efficiency.  The experience was excellent even though we have what added up to be a 900 sq inch hole in our house.  We have started the updates he recommended and have already noticed an improvement.  I can only imagine how many thousands of dollars we would have wasted without getting the audit done.  I would highly recommend having an energy audit performed by Randy Swartz.  He was professional, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful for ours. 
Finally getting warm,
Tobi & Heidi S.
Martinsburg, WV