About Us

Hello and thanks for visiting my webpage. My name is Randy Swartz and I am a life-long resident of the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.  From the time I was a young teenager, I have been interested in how to make just about anything more efficient.  I was exposed to home renovations by my father at a young age.  Whether he realized it or not, I absorbed almost everything that he was doing, which included carpentry, electrical work, plumbing, welding, auto mechanics, etc.  The one thing I vividly remember is installing fiberglass insulation in our 2-bedroom bungalow in the early '70s.  I did not understand why we would sacrifice ourselves to the irritation of the fiberglass on our skin, eyes and lungs until my dad explained it.  The light bulb came on.  I was plugging every last little hole with the stuff, and, to this day, my parents' home is tight as a drum.  
I have experience in the aircraft, automotive, construction and concrete industries.  I have been a Machinist, Inspector, Carpenter, CMM Programmer, Quality Control Engineer, Quality Control Manager, Production Supervisor and Project Estimator.  I am thankful for the experience each of those jobs had for me because all of them contributed to level of knowledge I now have.  After the economy caused my layoff in March 2009, I had a big decision to make. It was the time to make a move, so here I am.  My mission is to help folks just like myself find ways to make their homes more energy efficient.  I am an avid do-it-yourselfer, just like many of you reading this.  The only difference between you and me is this service I have to offer you.  I realize this is a new concept for the area we live in.  You can turn on your cable or satellite TV and see this type of work done on all of the home improvement shows.  Now it's here in your own backyard.  I will do my best to establish a good business owner-to-customer relationship with you, and together we can work to help you achieve a more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient home.  There is no short-cutting in my book.  When your home receives an energy audit from Home Efficiency Solutions, it will be as thorough as if it were my own home.  Your satisfaction is also mine.



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